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      Home > 5G + ESS
      150V40Ah Energy Storage Cabinet Battery
      5G&Energy Storage Series
      5G + ESS
      Thanks to the upgrading of existing base stations, the large-scale popularization of 5g base stations, the broad market space of communication ESS and the rapid development of power ESS, the ESS market has developed rapidly. Lithium ion batteries are widely used in ESS market due to their excellent performance of low pollution and long cycle life.
      Application area
      At present, ESS lithium battery is mainly used in communication base station, user side peak load shifting, off grid power station, microgrid, UPS, home energy storage, etc. The industry is still in the gestation period with broad application space in the future.
      Performance characteristics
      Specification and parameters
      Technical characteristics / curves
      5G ESS:


      5G concept map:


      5G base station: